Lenovo Yoga 730 Bios update and grub rescue.

  1. Download the v1.07 Lenovo bios for yoga 13 IKB and install.
  2. Setup the SATA controller to AHCI and check if the boot option is in UEFI.
  3. Live boot into the Manjaro. Follow these steps on booting up.
  4. Open terminal and type “sudo manjaro-chroot -a” and select the manjaro partition.
  5. Type in “sudo grub-install — target=x86_64-efi — efi-directory=/boot/efi — bootloader-id=manjaro — recheck” then do “sudo update-grub”.
  6. Do a reboot, the system should directly boot into your Manjaro partition.
  7. Log in after that open up the terminal and again do “sudo grub-install” and then “sudo update-grub”
  8. During the update-grub you would see that the windows partition is being detected.
  9. Type “efibootmgr”, this should show all your partitions. Check if Manjaro and Windows are present.
  10. Reboot.
  11. This would show grub with both Windows and Manjaro. To do a double check boot into windows then do a reboot and go into the bios.
  12. Check if Manjaro is present in under the boot menu. It should have Windows, Manjaro present.




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Grad Student. Member Bi0s.

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